ERISA Revenue Solutions (ERS) is a highly specialized company offering a variety of services to the health care industry to assist in collection of wrongly denied insurance claims thru ERISA appeals.

Our clients, staff and investors are treated with respect, dignity and honesty. We will uphold the highest levels of integrity in all aspects of our company. Our clients consist of all types of health care providers who are experiencing problems obtaining proper payment from insurance companies We become their virtual appeals department and handle all aspects of the appeals process from analyzing client data then writing the ERISA appeal letters to handling any incoming calls up to negotiating settlements to obtain the maximum amount for the client. We take on all “dead” claims the clients write off as being unrecoverable. By using our extensive knowledge of ERISA law, DOL guidelines and supporting case law we bring revenues back to their facilities to increase their profitability.

Our staff are experts in ERISA law, DOL guidelines, court rulings and their application to your denials which maximizes the amount of your recovery. We also have extensive experience in various aspects of the insurance and health care industry.


About ERISA Law

ERS’s staff are experts in the field of ERISA law and DOL guidelines and their application in the payment.


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